12 x 6600 XT’s Did NOT Work In This GPU Mining Rig Case

Thank you https://mysticmining.us/ for the 12x GPU Mining Rig Server Case!
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We attempted 6600 XT’s as well as wasn’t able to obtain them hashing correctly. 12 x 3070 Ti’s though were able to work no worry!

Time Stamps:.
00:00 Intro of the Mystic Miner 12 GPU Server Case.
03:40 Which GPUs are we going to make use of?
05:34 Turning On The Mystic Miner.
06:47 HiveOS as well as Specs of the Motherboard/CPU/SSD.
07:40 Adding all the 12 x 6600 XT’s.
10:26 Doesn’t Boot/Show Up in HiveOS.
11:00 Troubleshooting and started with 1 GPU.
11:40 Adding a few more GPUs till it does not work.
11:56 Adding extra … yet it gets sluggish to load?
12:34 11x 6600 XT’s yet does not boot/load negative slot?
13:36 12th PCIE Slot?
14:00 Going back to 10x GPUs … WORKS!
14:26 Swapping ports to make sure its not the pcie ports with 10 GPUs.
15:19 Its working with 10 but why not 12x 6600 XT’s?
17:40 Using 12x 3070 Ti’s Instead!
18:56 Over Power Capacity using a 3300w PSU Explanation.
19:53 Turning It On!
21:20 Using 10x 6600 XT’s & Having Issues.
22:30 Setting Up Overclocks/Undervolts & Ethereum Hashrates.
23:41 GPUs fuming however case is open.
23:52 Power Consumption at the Wall.
24:57 Moving the entire gear & the Lid on.
26:16 Using T-rex Miner with LHR Unlock.
26:36 Temperatures with the Lid On.
27:35 1st GPU is HOT, Airflow Issues?
28:00 Pros and Cons with the Mystic Miner.
32:28 End.

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