Bitcoin and Crypto Mining BAN – WTF?!

Bitcoin as well as Crypto Mining BAN – WTF?! Governments are terrified, banks are scared, Bitcoin and also cryptocurrencies are putting the power of money back right into the hands of the people and also now they are resorting to BANNING BTC and also Crypto MINING ?! Sign Up For VoskCoin –

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This isn’t clickbait and it’s not fud, Russia is transferring to Ban bitcoin mining as well as all cryptocurrency use following an additional supreme control government relocation like China and their Bitcoin crypto mining restriction. In 2015 even the United States federal government had legislation intimidating to make bitcoin as well as cryptocurrency miners lawbreakers if they continued. WTF is going on, is Bitcoin going to be prohibited as well as will certainly Bitcoin mining be forbidden under the narrative of BTC miners destroying the world which is the very same story that some governments as well as media backed by financial institutions are trying to press onward on NFTs to get every NFT outlawed as if these digital collectibles are likewise damaging the world … wow what a globe we are living in.

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Ban ban why does this happen?
01:47 Russia prohibits crypto currency
05:33 Russia’s sight on mining and also co-location mining
07:23 Earn passive revenue on your crypto
09:10 Why exists a lot negativity in the direction of crypto?
12:07 Which nations are prohibiting crypto?
12:52 How does the United States reasonable with crypto?
14:36 How will the future fare with crypto?
17:36 Mint your NFT on Algorand with algogems

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