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The Guru Granth Sahib is a compilation of phrases of popular saints, supporters as well as gurus of medieval India. Under the Sikh custom, their message has actually been given the name of Guruvani. It represents the supreme knowledge on spiritual and ethical assistance to human life, which has its origins in the Indian understanding tradition. If we look back, the first terrific scripture of this tradition of Indian knowledge is Rigveda and its most modern bible is Guru Granth Sahib. In both these fantastic messages, the timeless resources of ideas show up, which comprise the thoughtful vision and lifestyle of Indian civilization and society. In this lecture, an effort has actually been made to consider Guruvani by maintaining it within that everlasting reality of Indian understanding that flourish under Sanatan tradition.
All the makers of Guruvani are amongst those revolutionary spiritual promoters of middle ages India who, with their spiritual message, offered important brand-new instructions to the then human society.
Master Nanak is the creator and also Adi Guru of Sikhism. The main feature of this faith established by him is that it is a part of that ancient as well as living world of India, which originated about ten thousand years earlier, in the Saptasindhu area of the Indian sub-continent. 4 major spiritual customs have created under this civilization of India – Sanatan Dharma, Buddhism, Jainism as well as Sikhism.

Speaker’s Profile:
Call: Prof. Jagbir Singh
Chancellor, Central University of Punjab, Bathinda.
Life Fellow, Punjabi University, Patiala.
Former Head, Department of Punjabi, University of Delhi, Delhi.
Member, Indian Institute of Higher Studies, Society, Shimla. (Nominated by MHRD).
Area of Expertise: Gurbani, Literary Theory, Indian Religion, Philosophy and Civilization Studies.
Teaching/Research Experience: More than 50 years.
Research Guidance: PhD Thesis: 14 M. Phil. Essay: 30.
Published Books: Original 20 Translations 4.
Papers provided in National/International meetings: greater than 150.
Awards and also honors: (Some Major Awards).
1. Param Sahitya Satkar Samman (2014) (Punjabi Academy, Delhi).
2. Shiromani Punjabi Literary Award, (2016) (Language Department, Punjab.).
3. Master Nanak Dev Achievers Award (2019) (Eminent Educationist).
( Government of Punjab).
4. Punjabi Translation Award (2004) (Sahitya Akademi, Delhi).

2:12 Era of awakening of the people.
4:21 Effect of British education plan.
6:50 Guru Nanak Vani and also Indian Dharma and Philosophy.
9:50 Vedic world was named as Aryan Invasion.
11:56 Guru Nanak Vani and also Vedic Knowledge.
16:10 Explanation of Brahm.
19:12 Definition of Brahm.
20:13 Comparison of Abrahamic and indian Civilization.
22:00 Guruvani links us with Indian people.
24:40 Philosophical thought in our narrative custom.
30:54 Feeling of Atma as well as Parmatma.
33:39 Three volumes of Rigveda.
34:34 Guruvani similar to the Advaita practice of Vedic expertise.
35:22 Definition of a suitable human.
38:54 Concept of Guruvani.
41:34 Devotee Namdev ji’s make-up in Guruvani.
44:10 What method should a human real-time in deep space?
45:45 The principle of creation of the globe in Guruvani.
47:08 Guru Nanak Dev’s discussion with the sages of Rigveda by absorbing their Vani.

54:48 QnA.
55:35 Is idol worship prohibited in Sikhism?
59:38 The names of Govind as well as Ram show up in Guruvani. Are they the exact same Govind as well as Ram of Sanatan Dharma?
1:03:07 Kapil Kapoor’s ideas on idol prayer.
1:08:11 Dakhni Omkar.

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