TeamRedMiner Enables FPGA Ethereum MINING! SQRL FK33 Hashrate & Setup Guide

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Actions “I” Did To Get the FK33 To Mine in Ubuntu …
1: Download Latest version of Ubuntu or any kind of various other linux you are comforatble with.
2: Download Rufus.
3: Burn/Image Ubuntu ISO with Rufus to a USB Stick.
4: Plug USB right into PC/Pi/Something and also install Ubuntu.
5: Download TeamRedMiner.
6: Extracted it within Downloads folder or anywhere you like.
7: I renamed Teamredminer removed folder to teamredminer.
8: I closed down the ubuntu computer and plugged in the USB coming from the FK33.
9: Turned PC back on.
9-10 (OPTIONAL): Enabled RDP or VNC by enable sharing (google it).
10: Open up Terminal.
11: cd Downloads.
12: cd teamredminer.
13: sudo./ teamredminer– list_devices (to see if the fk33 turns up).
14: sudo./ teamredminer -a ethash -o stratum+ tcp:// -u 0x02197021fefa795fec661a45f60e47a6f6605281. trmtest_f -p x– fpga_clk_core= 505– fpga_clk_mem= 1000– fpga_tmem_limit= 70– log_file.
15: DONE 61mh/s 100 Watts.


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  • DISCLAIMER * When it comes to GPU Mining, bear in mind Silicon Lottery! Because of GPU Brand/Memory/Manufacturing what have you, outcomes MAY differ from GPU to GPU so your Clocks/Undervolt/Voltage revealed in my video clips might not work for you. Temperatures as well as your Cooling approaches will additionally play the part and also have an affect. Examination at your OWN RISK as well as do your OWN RESEARCH.

Please note – I am not a specialist. This is not economic guidance and also do your very own research study. Whatever claimed is from my perspective as well as for amusement purposes.

#FPGA #Ethereum #FK 33.

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