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We make use of the TRX transferred by individuals to extract with each other to get revenues, and after that disperse them to users. We get some earnings difference out of it. This is a win-win financial investment task.
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Deposit 5trx to trigger your account. According to the amount you charged, the corresponding computing power will certainly be matched for you.
Collective down payment 5-10000TRX, day-to-day revenue 3.0%.
Collective down payment 10001-100000TRX, everyday earnings 3.5%.
Advancing deposit 100001-500000TRX, day-to-day earnings 4.2%.
Cumulative down payment 500001-999999TRX, everyday revenue 6%.
Advancing deposit 1000001-2000000TRX, daily profit 8%.
Cumulative down payment 20000000-5000000TRX, daily revenue 10%.
If the collective investment amount gets to greater than 5000001TRX, everyday profit 15%.


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