USA is BANNING Bitcoin MINING and Ethereum Crypto STAKING?!

The USA is inadvertently prohibiting Bitcoin, Ethereum, cryptocurrencies, mining, as well as laying with unjust, realistically difficult, and just personal privacy intrusive legislature under the banner of more tax revenue. Sign up for VoskCoin –

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This is not a drill, and also it’s not a joke, nor is this clickbait or suggested to be viewed as FUD. The United States legislators hastily composed a home bill that makes primarily every Bitcoin miner, Ethereum staker, as well as cryptocurrency investor/user/coder a broker compeling you to either adhere to generally impossible tax standards or become a criminal. Pretty ironic the federal government that is being weakened by decentralized and transparent open source modern technology as well as electronic cash is threatened and now SCARED that Bitcoin and also various other cryptocurrencies are on track to replace their antiquated fiat cash as well as United States bucks. What far better method to ensure the USA government maintains maximum control than to prohibit their decentralized competitors and make most customers bad guys or in jeopardy of an enormous personal privacy violation. Conserve crypto as well as contact your legislators.

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Banning Cryptocurrency Staking as well as Mining in the US
02:20 Bitcoin BANNED?? Not a drill
04:05 Invasive tax obligation legislations press crypto businesses and investors out of USA
06:17 This expense is composed by individuals who do not like cryptocurrencies
08:18 The expense is called H.R. 3684 – INVEST in America Act
12:41 SAVE CRYPTO and also call your legislators
13:10 Only FIAT USD on ramps and also off ramps need to be managed
14:11 The federal government just prints as much cash as it wants

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