Via Dolorosa Tour (New Testament, Tradition & Archeology)

Via Dolorosa
0:00 – Intro Via Dolorosa
0:25 – 1st Station, Jesus is condemned to fatality.
1:58 – 2nd Station, Jesus lugs his cross.
10:38 – 3rd Station, Jesus falls the very first time
11:07 – 4th Station, Jesus meets his mommy.
11:56 – 5th Station, Simon of Cyrene assists Jesus carry the cross.
13:30 – 6th Station, Veronica cleans the face of Jesus.
15:42 – 7th Station, Jesus drops the second time.
16: 55 – 8th Station, Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem
21:50 – 9th Station, Jesus falls the third time
25:19 – 10th Station, Jesus is stripped of his garments
26: 30 – 11th Station, Crucifixion: Jesus is toenailed to the cross
28:18 – 12th Station, Jesus dies on the cross
29:00 – 13th Station, Catholic breast of Our Lady of Sorrows
30:00 – 14th Station, Jesus is laid in the tomb

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